Generate AI Content in Google Sheets

Generate AI Content in Google Sheets

Today, we're excited to announce our Google Sheet integration. The Riku.AI Google Sheet integration will empower you to use your prompts and models directly in Google Sheets for creating content with a handy =AI() formula. This makes bulk creating content or using your AI formulas on extended formulas easier than ever before.

After you copy the Google Sheet, you will notice something in the top. There is a new AI menu.

You can click on this menu and it will give you the option of showing you the AI sidebar, click this and you will be asked to authenticate the app. Once you accept, you will be able to access the power of AI and Riku within Google Sheets. The sidebar has two simple tabs. The first shows you your prompt menu, here you can select which prompt you would like to add to the formula and save it.

The second tab is all about your credentials. You will need to add your name and secret key from your Riku account. This allows the Google Sheet integration to make the AI requests as you and route all of the different AI models accordingly. If you use a prompt in Google Sheet using OpenAI, we'll route that for you and provide that output. If you use GPT-J, we'll route that, etc., etc.

The sheet is set up in a way that prompts are configured from the Prompts sheet. Here you can map your prompt menu, you can give it a title, and attach the Prompt ID from Riku. Every single prompt you have created in Riku or those you find in the community showcase can be used in Google Sheets. Click on the prompt in Riku and hit the button to copy the Prompt ID. That is all that you need to do.

The formula itself in Google Sheets is easy to use. For the cell that you want to run the formula in, simply type =AI(. Once you enter this, you will see the structure of how it works. Each input should be separated by a comma so if you have two inputs, your formula would look like this; =AI(input1, input2). If your prompt has zero inputs, it would look like this; =AI().

You can see a full walkthrough and guide on how you can make the most of this integration by watching the videos below.

Use your AI prompts and models directly in Google Sheets today! If you are interested in using this integration and are not a user of Riku, what are you waiting for? Signup for Riku today at Riku.AI.