Creating Ultrawide Desktop Backgrounds with Image AI

Creating Ultrawide Desktop Backgrounds with Image AI

We love everything that can be created using text-based AI. Making content has never been easier. Having images to go along with that content is the tough part of the puzzle. You can use services like Unsplash to find images or signup for a service like Envato Elements which gives you access to a massive amount of stock photos. What you may find with these services however is that they don't serve all purposes and it would be totally awesome if there was a way to create unique images on the fly. Luckily with the help of AI, this technology is getting a lot more attention.

We've recently been playing around in the private beta of Midjourney. It is an AI image generator that allows you to create anything you want by using an /imagine command. The beauty of Midjourney is that it returns multiple images at a time allowing you to upscale or create variations of the images that you like the most. Even better, you can use these images commercially for your needs and set a specific aspect ratio to get images of certain sizes.

The standard image size is a square and it can be super fun to set the aspect ratio to 2:3 for portrait type images and 16:9 for a standard desktop background image. This then got me thinking. I work on an ultrawide monitor which is 5120:1440, with an aspect ratio of 32:9. It is difficult to find great backgrounds for this size so I thought let's see if AI could help me!

I used the /imagine command with a prompt "bouncing colorful marbles intricate design beautiful photorealistic photo render highly detailed realism sunshine tint" and set my aspect ratio. Unfortunately, it didn't quite work as the best Midjourney would return to me was 2560x1024 but if I take that image and blow it up further with an AI image upscaler. you then get something that can be cropped to make a beautiful background like the one above.

Whilst I have had to do a little cropping of the height of these images to make them work, the quality is incredibly impressive! They are photorealistic, showcasing marbles with some marvelously intricate designs. I thought let's have another go at creating ultrawide desktop backgrounds with AI and this time use a space theme.

The prompt for this image was "cosmic bright photo realistic stars and planets highly detailed beautiful vibrant render" and it has come out gorgeous. This is what I am currently using now as my background for my main workstation.

Here is the second variation of that prompt with the third variation being the main image for this post. It is incredible for me, someone who has had no luck with art in life can create these masterpieces by just providing a text prompt. This is just a little taster of the applicable domains for such technology. Creating desktop wallpapers is just one of a small subset of uses. Imagine using this technology for world or character building in fiction, for product design, branding, and much more! We love all of the large language models that make creating text easier for all of our users and we're now falling in love all over again with image AI.

When you chain together both images and text creations, you can get some incredibly powerful workflows indeed. Riku would love to integrate such technology into our platform to enable users to really use the whole creative scope of text and images in a single place with all of the best technology. Image AI is a little early in the process but as soon as APIs become available - we'll be waiting and ready to do just that!

If you have found this blog post useful and are interested in building and experimenting with all of the best AI technology in a single place with the best selection of large language models anywhere online, consider checking out today!