Create JSONL Datasets for AI with No-Code

Create JSONL Datasets for AI with No-Code

When building with AI technology, you soon realize that you are prohibited from using lots of examples in a prompt due to the token limits of the large language model. Most large language models work on a token limit of 2048 which is equivalent to approximately 8,200 characters. With a more complex task to be completed, that might not be enough to prompt the AI to give you a relevant output. This is usually where you see users of AI make their first moves into the wonderful world of fine-tuning.

Fine-tuning can be daunting for those who do not code or do not have the technical knowledge to read through the documentation and send the relevant requests programmatically. To fine-tune the best AI large language model providers like AI21 or OpenAI, you'll need to structure your data in a very specific way which results in a JSONL file. If you don't have experience with JSON then this is another hurdle to overcome, it is no wonder that so many give up when they see all of these barriers to entry.

Fortunately, Riku is here to change the game and make fine-tuning more accessible to everyone. Fine-tuning has the major advantage of breaking free from the limits of tokens within a prompt allowing you to enter hundreds, thousands or even more examples to really get an exceptional output that you can't reach from prompt engineering. Fine-tuning also moves the tokens that you'd usually have in a prompt to the backend so when you run a fine-tuned model, you do it more efficiently and actually save costs.

Fine-tune with No-Code

Build JSONL Models in the Dataset Studio in minutes!

In the Riku dashboard, users can create fine-tunes without any code. It is as simple as filling in a form and hitting submit. We'll send you an email when your fine-tune is ready to use. This helped a lot of our users make their first moves into the fine-tuning world but we kept getting feedback that even creating JSONL files was something that was a pain and not everyone was having success with so we set about trying to solve this with the creation of the Dataset Studio.

The Dataset Studio is a very simple interface where you can enter your prompt, and also enter your completion. You then hit submit and like magic, we format it correctly as an entry in your JSONL file.

Enter your prompt, and completion then hit the green button in the bottom right to add it to your file. We keep track of how many entries are in your dataset!

Building out a perfectly formatted JSONL dataset has never been easier! Once you have reached the number of samples that you are happy with, you can download the JSONL file directly from the button at the top of the screen or load up the fine-tune form to use your creation directly in a fine-tune. All of this without a single line of code, CLI knowledge, or head-scratching!

The Dataset Studio makes building out your datasets for AI simpler than ever before and running those fine-tunes in Riku is a super smooth experience. If you are making your first forays into this wonderful AI revolution or are an experienced builder and looking for the tools to speed up your workflows, Riku can be of help to you. Our community of AI enthusiasts are constantly sharing ideas, helping each other with tips, and submitting new prompts and datasets to our community showcase accessible for logged-in users.

If you would like to build, experiment, and enjoy the best selection of large language models in one place anywhere online, consider signing up for Riku today and get 5 days free at Riku.AI.