Building a Commercial Product with OpenAI's DALL-E

Building a Commercial Product with OpenAI's DALL-E

On the 20th of July 2022, OpenAI sent out an email titled "DALL-E is officially in beta!" In this email, they outlined their hopes to get 1 million users onto the platform within the coming weeks and introduced some pricing information. One of the biggest announcements in this email was the ability to now use DALL-E commercially and that you now have the rights to anything you have made with DALL-E in the past or in the future. Unfortunately, though, there is still no API.

This got us thinking, will there be a gold rush of products coming out like what happened when GPT-3 launched? We're still extremely early in the cycle and without an API, integrating DALL-E into a product is tough. At Riku, we love playing with all of the best large language models for text generation and have built out some interesting prompts that can be fed into image generation models to get some great outputs.

This was an initial approach we took for prompt engineering awesome inputs for image generation models. We took a lot of the training data from successful generations in Midjourney's public library.

It is great fun to play with these image generation models for artistic purposes. Creating characters, creating environments, getting an image of a bear in a classroom, what isn't to like! What we did notice though, was how exceptional this technology can be for creating brand assets.

A logo that DALL-E made which we have adopted for our new commercial product MVP called Brandwork.AI

Creating logos, creating icons, coming up with actionable designs and illustrations that can be used for web design, and turning MVPs into a reality. That is the strength of DALL-E which seems to not get much attention. We are serial makers and understand how quickly you can go from having an idea in your head to making a website, buying a domain, and testing the idea out on the world. Sometimes, they work. Often, they don't.

This leads us to the following concept; what if there was a way to put our expertise in prompt engineering and image generation into a product that helps others spend less time fretting over the assets they need to launch an MVP for a new product? It sounds like a problem that we could help makers solve and so we decided to build it out. Introducing Brandwork.AI.

Brandwork provides logos and brand assets for MVPs. The concept is simple, tell us a little about your business or idea and we'll use AI to design multiple logos and icons for you to use. Through our meticulous and unique process infused with AI technology, we can offer this at a price that is completely unmatched. When an API for DALL-E becomes available, we'll be able to streamline the process even further.

A logo created from our unique prompt that could work for a vacation rental or property management business.

With Brandwork, you are getting high-quality logos and icons at a fraction of the price that it would cost to get them from a designer. You are also getting them in a super fast time. Building out an MVP is all about speed and getting your idea out there as soon as possible helps you to realize if it is something worth pursuing or not. We take those same practices into what we have built with Brandwork.

It is an exciting time with more image generation models seemingly coming out every single day and we're excited to be at the forefront of such wonderful technology helping entrepreneurs and small businesses get brand assets in a whole new way.

You might be reading this and thinking, well, I can just use the raw image generation models myself to make my own brand assets and you'd be right. You can. What we have found through our experimentation though is that it is not often a clearcut process. You can spend a long period of time, refining a prompt over and over and over again. You can get poor-quality outputs over and over and over again. You can waste hours of your time, energy, and soul. Brandwork solves that for you. Brandwork saves you time. Brandwork gives you clarity. Brandwork provides peace of mind.

If you are interested in getting brand assets for your idea, MVP or small business, consider checking out Brandwork today at Brandwork.AI.