AI Image Generation is Available in Riku Today!

AI Image Generation is Available in Riku Today!
How cool you will look when generating images with AI in RIku!

Image AI is exploding. It is moving at an incredibly fast rate and we're super excited about it. We believe there is tremendous potential when generating images for blog posts, video thumbnails, graphics and even logos. We're still very much in the early innings of this technology but we're delighted to announce that creating images with AI is now available directly in Riku.

From the V2 Dashboard under the CREATE menu, you will see Images. Click this to get started with generating awesome images.

We've implemented an integration with Stable Diffusion for now. The plan is to bring you all of the best image AI models like we have all of the best large language models for text generation under one roof. Curiously with images, Stable Diffusion will often provide you an output in 6-10 seconds whereas some of the models you could argue are inferior in quality, cost more as they do not provide you the generation so fast. An interesting challenge!

This is incredible artwork generated in Riku.

One of the advantages of using image generation in Riku is that we allow you to use a variety of different aspect ratios. If you need an image in portrait mode, no problem! Landscape, Tall etc. We're tired of everyone just offering you the ability to make squares. Square images are boring so let's create something that is useful for everyone.

There are big plans for the future in how we let you manipulate, experiment and enjoy AI for image generation. We're confident that if you have an interest in art or need image assets for your day job, this image AI will change your life and make it so much simpler. Out with the stock images and in with the new technology. We're excited to see where this goes next.

Imagine a world where you are able to mock up your ideas on a piece of paper and feed it into the AI to get a quality conversion and an awesome image. We're not that far away. Imagine a world where you can input an image, any image, and get variations on that image to create a collection of something entirely new. This technology is mindblowing and so exciting. Every time you hit generate you are bringing something completely new and unique into the world that never existed until that moment. How cool is that!

Image AI is now available in Riku. Sign up for any of our plans at and get started generating images for free in your account today.