About Riku.AI

Riku.AI is a web application which aggregates all of the best large language models and puts them into a central place where enthusiasts can experiment, build, store and share with the best AI technology. Riku.AI is the engine room of artificial intelligence for thousands of businesses.

We are firm believers that artificial intelligence will be utilized by every single business in America by 2030 and we are in the early innings of the adoption process. Riku.AI is all about encouraging and empowering the end user to play with raw AI and have that eureka moment to see the true potential.

What do we write about?

This blog will be covering our thoughts on the landscape as it continues to evolve. There are so many interesting developments happening almost on a weekly basis, like we are doing with aggregating the best large language models, our goal is to provide an overview of all the information to keep you informed.

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